What is Hybrid Education?

Education that makes the home the central classroom

Hybrid education brings together the best aspects of classroom teaching and homeschooling to create a learning experience uniquely tailored to your child.

Benefits of Hybrid Education

Students at Covenant Preparatory School reading a piece of paper.

Educational Structure through the Classroom

Our highly skilled faculty provide lessons and assignments according to a rigorous and engaging curriculum, which ensures that students are challenged to do their best.

Teacher helping a student complete an assignment at Covenant Prepartory School.

Parents Are Primary Teachers

We believe parents are the primary teachers of their children, and we are here to assist our parents in this task. At Covenant Prep, students are home four days a week, which enables parents to have an active role in their child’s education.

Happy student at a desk at Covenant Preparatory School.

A Schedule that Fits Your Family Rhythms

Since students attend class just three days a week, our families have the opportunity to pursue enriching activities during the week that simply aren’t possible with a typical school schedule. Our families use the off days for community service, extracurricular activities, and fun outings the extend the classroom experience.

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