Programs Overview

Pre-school Offerings

Our preschool programs focus on nurturing wonder, excitement, and interest in God’s creation. Students learn the fundamentals of numbers, letters, shapes, and phonics to develop a solid foundation for all future learning.

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Grammar School

The Grammar School fosters wonder in God’s creation while emphasizing the fundamentals of language and numbers. Students are taught to love reading and to take responsibility for their own learning, which prepares them for more rigorous study in subsequent programs.

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School of Logic

The School of Logic builds on the Grammar School by teaching students how to think critically and logically in order to understand the “why” behind facts and events.

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School of Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the art of persuasion, and students in the School of Rhetoric learn to apply their skills in synthesis, analysis, and interpretation to articulate a Biblical worldview in a persuasive and winsome manner.

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