Why Christian Education?

Teaching Children to Love God Wholeheartedly

It is our conviction that a true education must be a Christian Education. Acquiring knowledge is important, but the interpretation of that knowledge is just as important—if not more. Learning must have its ultimate reference point in the Creator of Life. For this reason all of our classes are taught from a biblical standpoint.

Components of Christian Education

Teacher helping a student learn how to read at Covenant Prepartory School.

Biblical Worldview

The Bible is the standard by which we determine whether something is true and pleasing to God. With that starting point, we can ensure that our education is grounded in the ultimate reality of God and His purposes. We begin each school day with chapel to acknowledge that our lives are a gift from God, and our teachers constantly point our students to biblical truth.

Smiling students at Covenant Preparatory School who have caught a lizard.

Character Formation

We want our students to be formed into the image and likeness of Christ Jesus. Christian education focuses not only on right knowledge, but also right belief and behavior. The ultimate goal of Christian education is the transformation of hearts. we seek to be a community of faithful believers who exhibit Christ-like behavior in the classroom, on the playground, and in all of our interactions.

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