A teacher at Covenant Prepartory School

Cathy Crowell-Marx

2nd Grade Teacher
Grade(s) Taught: Grammar School
B.S. Psychology and Minor Biblical Studies, Milligan University.

Cathy Crowell Marx currently teaches second grade in the Grammar School at Covenant Preparatory School. Mrs. Marx is a graduate of Milligan University with a B.S. in Psychology and a Minor in Biblical Studies. During her time at Milligan University she was educated from a classical Christian perspective and that has influenced her teaching abilities.

She enjoys the classical model because it teaches Biblical virtues and truths to children in a way that encourages them how to think and not just simply what to think. The university model is very efficient In that it allows the parents to be an integral part of their children’s education. There would be many things to say about a personal pedagogy, however, the most important aspect is the Christian teacher’s love for the student. It is exciting to come to work and see how much progress the students make from the beginning until the ending of the year. The hope is that students will continually grow in their Christian walk and use their gifts and talents to advance His Kingdom.

"I enjoy working at Covenant Preparatory School because I like teaching students from a biblical world view. Watching the minds of my young students develop and grow is extremely rewarding. I count it all joy to be able to have a godly influence on these children. "
—Cathy Crowell-Marx

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