A teacher at Covenant Prepartory School

Veronica Worley

5th Grade Teacher
B.S, M.S. Home Economics Education and Community Services and Child Development, Oklahoma State University Education/Theology, Oklahoma State University

Veronica Worley taught many years in public school before undergoing extensive training in classical education. She taught 3rd and 4th grade for five years at Sandhills Classical Christian School, then seven years at Tall Oaks Classical Christian School in Delaware. She decided to take a break to homeschool her children during their junior high and high school years. After they both graduated and were off at college, she pursued her own interests for a few years.

After being out of the classroom for more than ten years, she is happy to be back doing what she loves: motivating children to enjoy learning and love God and explore His world!

Mrs. Worley is a strong advocate of Classical education. She speaks of the value of teaching children according to the trivium to all who are interested in learning. She finds herself often telling her students to thank their parents for providing them with this type of education.

Mrs. Worley works hard to provide an environment where children love to learn and are excited to come to school every day. She desires to instill in students the love of reading, writing, history and science, and to understand how God is interwoven throughout all subjects. She encourages her students to study and learn so as to know God’s purpose for their lives so they can serve Him with their whole hearts and throughout their lives.

"I love the close-knit feel of the families and commuity it fosters. I strongly believe that the hybrid model (3 days at school, 2 days at home) really promotes family involvement and enjoyment of family and home life."
—Veronica Worley

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